Potters at Work


Bonnie Cooper and Kathryn Kothe Roszko will teach Throwing and Handbuilding Classes beginning September 2015!

Continuing our collaboration on creative endeavors in Northampton,  Kathryn and I will be teaching the art of making vessels on and off the wheel to kids, teens and adults.  The classes will be held at CyclePottery Studio in Florence.


bcooperclay ceramic consortium postcard 3-202013 has brought new ideas to the studio, thinking along the line of potter’s needing help with technique and information.  


 I decided to open up the studio in Hatfield Center to other working potters,  folks starting out or in need of a fully equipped studio.

bcooperclay is now a “ceramic consortium” where potters work in a common space developing their individual pottery

studio access 1-2013

 Offering a place to work among other potters is the emphasis although some instruction is available.