Bonnie Cooper – Artist / Teacher


I got interested in ceramics in high school many moons ago. Since then I have continually been in the ceramic field. The ceramic process has always been my passion. Creating from start to finish, from the first touch of a ball of clay to the glazing process- choosing colors and contrasts, balancing color and shape, applying, and then the firing. 

I love to build. Using clay forms, whether thrown or extruded,  I combine shapes that make sense to me. Objects that challenge habits of use is what I aspire to make.


Ceramics, in all it’s permutations, has held my interest through all of my personal and creative changes. Whether porcelain or terra cotta, a celadon glaze or a vivid colored glaze combination, oxydation or raku firing, I am usually pleasantly surprised by the outcome.


I began teaching ceramics out of graduate school, having received my MFA in 1987. A  few of the Universities in the NYC area where I was Adjunct Professor include: Parsons School of Design, Long Island University and Montclair State University.


 In 2005 I left the big city  and moved to Taos, New Mexico. The awe inspiring landscape and the art colony fueled my creativity. The sculpture I made while there was  reflective of the arroyos and the adobe architecture. 


In 2011, I left the Southwest to live in New England. In 2015, I earned my Master of Arts in Teaching and became licensed to teach Visual Art to grades 5-12. I love working with children and making art and now I can fuse the two. I am now pursuing an add-on license in Special Education. I anticipate having my special education certification in 2017.





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